Whatever your business positioning in Travel Retail, whatever your challenges – GTRD can help.

You want to enter the Travel Retail channel or simply explore the opportunities?
You are already present in Travel Retail and want to take your business to the next level?
You’ve achieved a regional presence but need support to reach a global positioning?
You’ve established your own Travel Retail team but want to optimize your cost structure?
Or you simply require professional support in a specific area?

We provide tailor-made solutions, either as a distributor with a 360° degree approach or area/market specific support as a consultancy.


As a distributor or agent we will fully manage your brand or portfolio to make your Travel Retail business a success. Across the product categories, we can inject the quality and degree of specialist support you need to enter the market or to take your brand performance to the next level.

Our service includes everything from analyzing your brand or portfolio, identifying your key targets and business opportunities to managing the customers and ensuring a smooth and efficient logistical flow.

Depending on your needs we provide a list of additions services which you find under the section CONSULTANCY.


From a single project to a sustained long term campaign, we can help your business to grow.

Whatever degree of support you need, whatever the category and wherever in the world you need it, GTRD can create a tailored program that will address your brand support needs – quickly, economically and effectively.

Whether you require

  • a thorough analysis of your business potential by channel or region
  • a global price strategy which reflects the needs of a truly global business, also to prevent illegal cross border business
  • a strategy for a channel specific approach of the business
  • PR support for your brand, your portfolio or your company
  • effective promotions matching the particular needs of travel retail
  • account management support
  • or advice how to organize your logistic and customer service most efficiently

with our portfolio of specialist skills we will ensure that, together, we will meet your business challenges.