About GTRD

What we do

We provide independent brands with the specialist support they need to achieve their full potential in travel retail.

Our commitment to you

With specialist skills across the product categories – including Liquor, Wine, Champagne, Confectionery and Luxury Goods – our mission is to provide professional solutions for independent brands and drive your Travel Retail performance.
In Consultancy and Distribution, we provide the specialist support to develop your brand or portfolio and take your business to the next level. Wherever in the world of Travel Retail you want to go, we can help you get there.

travel retail –
the world’s most truly global business

Travel Retail is an extraordinary ‘shop window’ – a $78 billion global business – and still growing.

Your brands can grow with it. As air traffic continues its long term growth path the retail opportunities grow too, enhancing the airport opportunities for brands in Travel Retail. But we also know that there are growth opportunities in travel on land and sea too – Border Shops, Cruise, Ferries and Diplomatic business.
Travel Retail offers growth opportunities across the channels – globally and regionally – and we can help match your brands to the channels and locations that will maximize your performance. The range of Travel Retail channels provide an amazing concentration of affluent consumers eager to encounter the world’s most exciting brands – and we can help put your brands in that shop window.

hauke marquardt gtrd

Hauke Marquardt

“We founded GTRD specifically to provide specialist support to independent brands that felt that they were not achieving their true potential in Travel Retail.

While Travel Retail continues its trajectory of growth and consolidation, the pressure on independent brands that don’t belong to multi-national groups intensifies – GTRD will ensure that your brand imposes its presence in this crowded market and achieves its true potential.

We can reach your target retailers and provide expertise exactly where you need it, including global customer management, brand analysis, brand strategies, organizational planning, global price management, finance and logistics. With this precisely targeted support, tailored to your needs, we will ensure that your performance is enhanced.”

Hauke Marquardt, Founder and MD of GTRD

specialist support

Travel Retail is growing – not only in opportunities but also in complexity.

GTRD can help smooth the complexities and guide your business to the right opportunities – extending your reach, driving your results.
Travel Retailers are increasingly global in their operations – and increasingly demanding of their suppliers. We can provide your business with specialist support, key contacts and the clear single point of supplier contact that many retailers demand.
For established brands or rising stars that currently lack the scale to create their own Travel Retail division, GTRD can be a powerful conduit between your brand and the retailer.


We provide tailor-made solutions, either as a distributor with a 360° degree approach or area/market specific support as a consultancy.